Holiday In The Lap Of Serenity And Luxury

A holiday trend that is topping everyone’s travel list is none other than Cruise. Well, it is gaining more popularity thanks to films like Titanic and “Dil Dhadkne Do”. The picturesque view, royal amenities, top chefs from around the world serving high quality and lip-smacking meals and a lot of activities that you get to do on a cruise ship make things more interesting and enchanting

Affordability: Earlier, cruising was seen as an expensive trip that only the “very rich” could afford. Slowly this perception has faded away, especially in India. Cruising is not only for the elite anymore. With various packages on offer, you can easily book one that is in your budget. Also, a lot of people don’t know that cruise is cheaper when compared to a land based holiday. Try it once and sail through blue waters with your friends and family.

No Extra Cost: When you are out and travelling, apart from the travelling expenses, you have to pay for the food, liquor, gym and other amenities that you want to enjoy. When it comes to cruising, a lot of things are included in your package and you don’t have to keep paying for amenities out of your own pocket. You will definitely be spared of a big bill by the end of your holiday.

Number of Choices: With each passing day, cruise industry is blooming. From small luxury ships, mega yachts, sailing ships to upscale mid-sized ships are offering premium features and venues. With a number of choices, you can choose the best that suits your budget. You can also mark off certain places from your travel bucket list with trending cruise destinations. With more adventure, your travel experiences will be as unique as you are.

Exotic Destinations:Thanks to “Game Of Thrones” and “global warming”, a lot of people want to visit the icy paradise all around the world. Destinations ranging from Alaska to Antarctica are all in rage and one wants to get the most of it before all the glacier or ice melts away. Other fascinating destinations such as Cuba (the largest island in the Caribbean), Norwegian Fjords and Mediterranean region are rapidly gaining popularity in the tourism industry. Along with the Caribbean, Bahamas offer a lot of new adventure activities, dining and entertainment and VIP amenities. If you crave for a private group event, these places are a sure hit.

Cruise Is For Everyone: A popular myth that revolves around cruising is that it is meant for the old people who just want to relax without moving much but the truth is that, cruise offers a lot of adventure activities, extravagant performances/shows, casinos, aqua rides, kids activities and a lot more. Youngsters with good disposable income have caught up along retired/senior citizens and are travelling all around the world. With so many means of transportation, cruises are taking the lead and are offering a perfect way to relax and unwind in style

If you strongly believe in “journey is more beautiful than the destination”, cruising is just made for you. The entire voyage will give you exceptional memories for a lifetime and trust us; you will not stop bragging about it. Cruises are open to almost all the places that one would love to explore. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get on a cruise!