What & Where to Eat In Athens, Greece

I have travelled to a lot of countries and one thing that I couldn’t help but notice is that we Indians look for Indian food while travelling to exotic locations. Though there’s nothing bad in that but food is an important part of travelling. When we can travel to such beautiful places then why don’t we try their native foods? You might not like everything but it will give you a whole new experience and something that you would love boasting about it.

Greek Meze  –Meze is a selection of hot and cold dishes, similar to appetizers such as dolmadakia which is grapevine leaves stuffed with rice, keftedes is Greek style meatballs, vegetable fritters and grilled or stewed octopus. Best way to enjoy these is with Greek dips, for example, fava (yellow split pea puree), tzatziki (yoghurt-cucumber-garlic), taramasalata (fish roe) etc. You can order these at any restaurants and tavernas.

Souvlaki –Also known as Kalamaki is a popular Greek fast food. It has small pieces of meat; sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer and are eaten straight out of the stick. If you are short on money, then this is your go to dish because it is very economical and ranges from 1 to 2 Euros. The most famous and classic place to enjoy this delicacy is located in highly touristic Monastiraki square, is Thanassis Kebab.

Magirefta-We all know that slow cooked food is always the best. Magirefta is just that! In Greece, you will get to explore plenty of slow cooked and baked dishes. Try out arakas and Moussaka as here, it is considered as comfort foods. If you want the best slow cooked dishes in Athens, then step into Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina. The place is super popular for the quality of food and is situated in a non-touristic yet central square of the capital city.

Greek Taverna-Taverna is a small restaurant that serves Greek cuisine and is an integral part of Greek culture. You will easily find a taverna in every neighbourhood. Here, you will get typical Greek food and music that livens up the atmosphere. If you are looking for an authentic experience, Klimataria and To Kati Allo (near the Acropolis) is your go to place

Greek Food-Looking for gourmet restaurants in Greece? The place has some noticeable gourmet restaurants with celebrity chefs. If you want Michelin-starred seafood, step into Varoulko in Piraeus. Restaurants like Orizontes and Ithaki are also worth giving a shot. Greece is also famous for its sea food and the best place to enjoy that is Piraeus, the capital’s port city.

Greek Wines-For best wine experience, there is no better place than Greece. Why, because it is one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world. Greek wine industry has produced many award winning wines and excellent varieties that no wine lover would like to miss out on. If you are in the capital city, do step into bars like Heteroclito, Fabrica De Vino, Oinoscent, Winepoint, Kiki de Grece, By the Glass and Cava Vegera.

Greek Dessert-No food experience is complete without a sweet sinful indulgence. Here, you will get most of the desserts that are creamy and pudding like. Try their traditional Greek spoon sweets along with Galaktoboureko (sweet milk custard pie) and Greek variation of apple pie called Milopita. You can enjoy these lip smacking desserts at Nancy’s Sweet Home in Psirri. Another good option is Lukumades as they serve loukoumades that is Greek fried doughnut balls topped with cinnamon and honey.Make most of your trip by enjoying the authentic food and beverages of the country. It will not only give you a taste of their delicacies but also a local feel